A viral British anti-drunk driving campaign video is receiving a lot of attention this week for a sobering strategy that aims to literally scare the crap out of potential offenders.

The #PubLooShocker video, just 52 seconds long, features “unsuspecting” drinkers in a bar bathroom. They are suddenly brought face-to-face, literally, with the bloody head of a person smashing through the mirror (as one might a car windshield).

While the pub patrons are reportedly actors, and the head is obviously fake, the effect of video is deeply disturbing.

Produced by Leo Burnett for England’s Department for Transport THINK! campaign, the PSA certainly has people talking. After only a day on YouTube, the video has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and it’s setting Twitter abuzz.

So far, online commenters seem to be reacting positively to the campaign.

Wow the NEW#Publooshocker Ad by the Department for Transport THINK Campaign, is very direct and hits the effect of drink driving bang on!

— La_Belle_Aventure (@Belle_Aventure) June 7, 2013

Great Ad by Leo Burnett to encourage people not to Drink & Drive #PubLooShocker: youtu.be/TADO4LG29bs

— Daniel Sierra (@MercaBites) June 7, 2013

Seen #publooshockerdrink driving film yet? ow.ly/lOdz1. Holy crap. #behaviourchange?

— Thea McGovern (@theasgarden) June 7, 2013

if this ever happened to me i would pee my pants, even if i had just peed. Don’t drink and Drive! #Publooshocker gizmodo.com/the-most-terri…

— Sasha Laurin (@SashaLaurin) June 7, 2013

According to the Think! campaign’s website, although drunk driving casualties have fallen over the past few decades, in 2011, 280 people died as a result of impaired driving.

That number is nowhere near the number of alcohol-related car crashes in the United States, however.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 30 people per day die in drunk driving accidents in the U.S. That’s about one fatality every 48 minutes.